In this section you can change the settings for the audible playback.


With the upper six buttons you can select one of the six sound presets.

Individual Selections

Besides the presets you can manually assign a sound for each beat element and save the result as an "individual" selection. Press one of the individual buttons. By default all sounds are set to silence. To change the setting for a beat element tap the corresponding button and choose one sound from the upcoming dialog.

Edit Sounds

Some sounds are generated at runtime. You can change the properties of these sounds by pressing the edit button in the sound selection dialog or by tapping "editable sounds".

change pitch

Now you can use the tone wheel to set the pitch of the sound to a specific note (scientific pitch notation). For fine tuning you can use the lower buttons to manipulate the Hertz value.

edit sustain and fadeout

To change the audible length of the sound you can use the shown buttons. The upper - and + change the sustain up to a maximum of 400ms. The lower - and + adjust the length of the fadeout.